Applying for a job: Cover letter

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When applying for a job make sure you include a good cover letter. An example follows below. Your complete letter should be positioned to the left, however you may choose to justify the body of your letter. Next, you must enter down and write the date. If you apply the day the position is offered you look eager and dedicated.

If you do not know the name of the person you are writing to, begin with "Dear Sir/Madam". When you begin your letter you should state your name and any work you are currently in, or if you are studying, you should state which year you are in and which course it is. You should then state why you are applying and why you have chosen their company. Don't forget to sound enthusiastic and excited about this position. An employer will hire you for your abilities and your energy. If you only appear to want a job for some extra cash, then the employer may not feel that by employing you that they will be getting the very best worker.

Remember, they are looking for the BEST, and you have to appear to be the very best that you can be.

Your next paragraph should state any current jobs, and the skills you developed from being in these positions. This includes customer service skills or computer skills.

Lastly, complete with a statement that thanks your potential employer for taking the time to read your application, and then add a statement like "I look forward to meeting you", this shows a positive approach to the position and will give you big brownie points with the employer.

I hope this has been helpful, the best approach to getting a job, is being yourself and presenting yourself in the best light that you...