By Appointment Only: A short script

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Fifi: an oddball hairstylist. ...Alexis

DOW Jones: a successful business woman... Andrea

Duchess Anastasia Von Rovenhoven the 4th: a wealthy lady.... Stephanie

Martha Smith: a frazzled housewife...Katie

(Full Light)

(Phone Rings)

Fifi: Good morning, thank you for calling the Very Pretty Beautiful Beauty Salon. This is your hairstylist Francine speaking, but you can call me Fifi. (Listens) Saloon? Hello it's called a Salon. Strippers? I have hair stripper, takes the colour right out. Lap dance? Ohhhh Strippers, well.... (Laughs). Hello? Hello? (Hangs up) Bad connection I guess. (Gets broom out and begin sweeping)

(Enter DOW)

And your name is? (Cell phone rings)

DOW: (points at Fifi) Hold on, business call (turns and starts talking)

(Enter Anastasia)

Fifi: Name please!

Anastasia: (in posh accent) Hello, my name is the Duchess Anastasia Von Rovenhoven the 4th.

Fifi: Ohh you're Dutch (looks at her feet) Where's the shoes?

Anastasia: Dutch? Shoes? No, no, no, they're Armani.

Fifi: Armani? I thought you said your name was Annie.

(Fifi walks Anastasia to chair)

Anastasia: No, it's the Duchess Anastasia Von Rovenhoven the 4th, daughter of the Earl of...

Fifi: (interrupting) Whatever floats your boat, I'll fix your hair real pretty.

(DOW's phone call ends)

DOW: What does it take to get some service around here? I have a meeting to get to, places to go, people to see, and money to make!

Fifi: (laughs) Aren't you sweet, name please!

DOW: Ms. Diana Olivia Wendolyn Jones, my colleagues call me DOW.

Fifi: DOW Jones? (Laughs) Where have I heard that before?

DOW: (abruptly) Right, whatever, can we get started; I have an important meeting in L.A. and Paris at 3 via satellite.

Fifi: Sure, sure honey, have a seat. I'll fix your hair real pretty.

(DOW sits down starts rifling through papers)

Anastasia: (clears throat)...