Approaches to best practice hospital administration: Implications for Saudi Arabia

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Approaches to best practice hospital administration: Implications for Saudi Arabia


This paper addresses the situations facing hospital management staff, and the various approaches to best practice hospital administration, and the implications of these approaches for hospitals in Saudi Arabia. When one thinks of hospital staff, nurses, physicians and other caregivers come to mind. These caregivers are really only a part of the personnel needed to run a hospital and manage it efficiently. Behind the scenes, there is the healthcare executive administration of the hospital. The executive administration of a hospital has a very important role to play in health services delivery, as the major aim of healthcare executives is to ensure that there is positive impact on the quality of healthcare and living standards of the communities and citizens.

The healthcare system in Saudi Arabia is a national healthcare system, which involves the provision of healthcare services by the government, through a number of government agencies.

Although there is increased participation from the private sector, as this sector takes on more roles and responsibilities in the provision of health care in Saudi Arabia, the ministry of health (MOH) in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the major agency responsible for providing preventive, curative and rehabilitative healthcare services for the citizens. The ministry of health provides primary healthcare (PHC) services through a network of about 1,925 well equipped health care centers located across the length and breadth of Saudi Arabia. According to statistics obtained for the website of the Saudi Arabian health ministry, "the country's ministry of health also uses a referral system which provides curative care for all members of society from the level of general practitioners at health centers to advanced technology specialist curative services through a broad base of about two hundred and twenty general and...