The Approaching Storm

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I see lightning flashing across the plain, starting fires every once in a while, immediately being extinguished by the rain. As I look across the vast expanse of land from my perch on my horse, I see a tornado spinning round and round. Then all of a sudden, I see an invisible barrier racing towards me, flattening all the grass and shrubs as it sweeps its way across the plain, like a shockwave. About a minute before it hits me, I realize that, with a start, that it is a GIGANTIC gust of wind. I brace myself, just waiting for the wind to hit me, trapped like a cornered animal huddling and cowering, waiting for the inevitable. Suddenly it hits me and my steed, almost knocking me from the saddle. I lift my eyes to the sky and see, ever growing closer, a huge, monstrous thunderhead. If I embellish the cloud, I can just imagine a great cathedral, with billowing flags, and stone gargoyles staring mincingly down at me.

Also I made out columns and arches and doors. The air around me is heavy, still, like a colossal blanket, struggling to smother me. I hear a sound like a train rolling along the tracks, and unfortunately just as loud. Well I guess I had better go back home to report the storm to my family and, most likely, go down to the storm cellar, waiting for the approaching storm to slowly pass.

NOTE: This is a good English paper because it has lots of details and it has very good word usage.