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April Thurman

IvyT 120-285

Aug, 28th, 2014

In the year 1978, April Hanner was born into a large family, which included seven brothers and five sisters. She did not know what the world had to offer her. In her early years, she grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She became a ballet, tap, and jazz dancer for thirteen years. She was very active in cheer-leading, karate, girl scouts, and family events. Her favorite past times were going to the beach. The smell of salt, in the air, the sounds of the waves crashing the shore had a calming effect to her. She also turned to fishing. Her mother use to take her every chance they had.

In her pre-teen and teen years, life started showing her challenges. She had moved from Virginia to Indiana. Everything she had known had changed. She never fits in at school. She was considered an outcast or freak.

So, she stuck to herself. Making friends were a big obstacles for her. Her youth stolen from her. At the age of thirteen, her life changed. Her parents Sureeka and David divorced. She married young and divorced a few years later. Mostly all she knew was how to be controlled. She found out she was not able to have children of her own. She fell into a really hard depression. She dropped out of high school, fell in with the wrong crowd and lost respect for herself.

Her adulthood was just as difficult as her teens. She never stayed in one place longer than four years. She moved from Indiana to Ohio. Her mother always told her "GO make a life for yourself." She did just that. She re-married, had a great job, and knew plenty of people. Years went by and she went down...