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Basil Razi (AWW)


What are some of the visual signs that will indicate a rip is present?

Before you try to locate a rip it must be understood what a rip is. A rip current, rip tide or rip is a strong surface flow of water returning seaward from nearer the shore. Although rip currents would exist even without the tides, the tides can make the existing rip more dangerous, especially low tide. Rips can move to different locations on a beach break, up to tens of metres a day. They can occur at any beach with breaking waves.

Some of the visual signs that will indicate a rip is present are:

Calm water caused by the channel of water flowing out

The water line is lower on the shore near a rip current

Water moving in swells toward the beach, pushes against the beach, and then goes back out.

It then forms into dark, choppy rivers within the ocean, this is the fatal rip currents

This dark patch is wider at the beach that is the mouth of the rip current, and then it is straight out or at a slight angle into the ocean. The far end of the rip current usually forms a large roundish shape and is known as the head of the rip current

Look for debris r foam floating

NOTE: It is better to look for a rip, from a higher perspective

What steps would you advise swimmers to take if they were caught in a rip?

Swimmers if they are ever caught in a rip, their first...