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Marketing Plan

Aqualisa Quartz

Prepared by:

Belle Ntuba

Jihao Huang

Larysa Konstantynova

Xinlu Huang

Ahmed El Agamy

March 6, 2013



Aqualisa Quartz, Simply a better shower. Aqualisa is a company that strives to stay the pioneer in the showers industry. With the so many problems facing the British society when it comes to showers, Aqualisa together with a group of engineers were able to pin point the problems showers have. The quartz, the latest innovation of Aqualisa combines the best technology and the luxury people are looking for. Aqualisa isn't just looking for a shower the combines both excellent performance and quality, it's also looking for ways to prove that to the public.

Aqualisa is in a real challenge, not selling as many showers as they have initially hoped, having invested in the development and marketing of the Quartz shower. Aqualisa was struck by the plumber's ideology and way of thinking, not being excited about the introduction of a new shower.

The challenges the plumbers have, having to learn how to install a new product is understandable. In addition to not knowing if the Quartz will live up to its reputation and not require post-installation fixing visits was taken into consideration as well.

With the introduction of the Aqualisa Quartz, came the challenge of proving that it's simply a better shower to both the consumer and the plumbers. Plumbers specifically are very skeptical of the introduction of the Quartz shower. Our marketing team is addressing the issue from many different aspects to prove it's in the benefit of the plumbers to use the Quartz. We are also targeting consumers, to justify the high price of the Quartz, and to prove that it's worth it paying extra for an excellent quality product.

Our marketing team targeting...