Arabian Nights

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At the beginning of "The First Dervish's Tale,"� the theme of loyalty is evident. He has taken an oath and cannot question what he is told to do. He goes by his word and does what his cousin says. Even though it meant recovering the tomb and burying both him and the lady, he still obeyed his oath.

He thinks it is a dream and wanders without food and water to find this hidden staircase that hold his cousin and the lady. He is filled with curiosity and concern of what happened that night and where the stairs leads to. To him it is a mystery he must solve for the sake of his own curiosity. But the grave and staircase were nowhere to be found after days of searching for them.

He returns to his father's city to an even bigger surprise. As soon as he stepped foot into the gates of his city he was beaten and constrained.

He was the one responsible for the vizier losing his eye. So in vengeance he gouged out his eye and sentenced him to die. But the executioner wept with him and spared his life and he was never to return.

He then travels back to his uncle's city and he is grieving over his son's disappearance. He tells him the story and they venture out to the graveyard. They found the staircase and proceeded into it. He found his son and the lady lying in a bed together but they were now in the form of charcoal. The uncle beats his son's body with his shoe for his incest with his sister. He is disgraced from this and feels shame for his son's actions.

He goes on his way to Baghdad looking for the Commander of the Faithful to tell...