Arabic Language in Southern Saudi Arabia

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The ecology of Arabic language in southern Saudi Arabia


The ecology of Arabic language in southern Saudi Arabia


In Saudi Arab, Arabic is considered as standard language and other side languages are considered as dialects. To develop a definition for the history and development of Arabic language in Southern Saudi Arabia is considered to be an unattainable task. ( Farah, Samar, 2002, Press) The reason is Arabic Language's exclusive linguistic position that no one exactly know for sure about the starting point of its conventional stratum as scholars are still argueing if it was derived from a single dialect, or it used to be a combination of different dialects amalgamated into one speech or if it was actually an 'artificial' language which was invented by the ancient grammarians and poets.

(Hazer, Dursun, 2003, 216)

History of Arabic Language

The first well-known territory to use Arabic language as an official language is Lakhmid. Lakhmid is located in the south of Saudi Arab and Trans Jordan. After spreading within this territory Arabic language's power got spread across the Southern Arab. According to another study, the peninsula could be amongst possible actual homeland of the languages used across Saudi Arabia. (Parry, Marc, 2007, Press) Linguistically, the Peninsula is the cradle of the Arabic language within South, spread across the peninsula with Islamic religion at the time when Islam was beginning to expand during 7th century and this region has still been maintaining tiny groups of Semitic languages speakers that includes Mehri & Shehri, remnants of the language family that used to be spoken in early historical times to the Eastern kingdoms including Sheba & Hadramout, flourished in...