Arable Farming and other types

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Arable farming is the system of farming which uses ploughed fields to grow crops.THis is the most traditional type of farming,common use in LEDC's


Pastoral farming is the rearing or keeping of animals in order to obtain meat or other products, such as milk, skins, and hair. Animals can be kept in one place or periodically moved, this is called nomadic pastoralism,because in nomadic times they used to do this a lot. This is good for short term use.

Pastoral farming is sometimes criticized by people such as vegetarians and animal rights protesters for being cruel.This is sometimes a problem that has to be considered. Pastoral farming is generally speaking more advanced than arable farming.

Mixed farming is a system where both arable and pastoral farming is carried out. Most modern farms in MEDC's do this, because it in itself in counter productive. The waste from the animals can be used as fertiliser for the crops, and the crops can be used to feed the animals in the case of over production.

Mixed farming is way more expensive that arable farming because of all the things that animals need to survive, including food.

I think that I had to choose, I would pick a system of mixed farming, because it would keep the overall cots low, yet increase productivity.