Arabs prejudged....While many people might be very ethnocentric and blurt out there ethnicity, I choose not to, in fear i might be prejudged because i'm arabian.

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Special interest groups, news media, and money hungry politicians are duping society into profiling all Arabs as bad Arabs after September Eleventh. At this point in time, when people are to ask me what nationality I am, it's unfortunate that I sometimes hesitate to reveal my cultural background in fear I might be prejudged before they "actually" know me. While many people might be very ethnocentric and blurt out there ethnicity, I choose not to. A little more than a year ago, revealing my cultural identity as an Arab American was not a problem; in fact it was quite interesting. Many people never really knew what Arabian was and would respond, "What is Arabian and does that cognate with being Assyrian?" In high school, after being asked so many times about my culture, I finally decided to research the Arab culture. I also researched other cultures to see how they differ and relate to one another, their cultural norms as well as mine.

I didn't really know much about my background so it was finally interesting to "really" find out. I figured this whole cultural thing was something pretty cool to research and understand and that's what I did. I found out much information about my culture that made me proud to say "I'm Arabian" when I was asked my culture, however, times have now changed.

Unfortunately, after September Eleventh, there were times that I revealed my background and was greeted with some awkward reactions and sometimes judged negatively. When some people hear the word "Arab" automatically terrorist is what seems to be crazy glued along with it. I'm a nice person and a natural born citizen living in the United States. My brother is in the Marines fighting for our country and just because I'm Arabian, it's unjust...