Essay by eka October 2004

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Wrote this a long time back. Just thought i'd submit it anyways. Hope you like it.

Lay rest the grace of thy tongue

For a moment as rare as such should never

Be crowned with jewels of speech

Hear me forth as i open thy eyes

To a scene from the past, not long ago.

Doth thou not hear the war cries

Or sense the fears of thousands lay in wait for tomorrow?

I lost count a life time back

Of sunrises and full moons

Lost a heart beat with every fear they felt

Bleed with every wound afflicted on them

I would have gave them my tears to wash

The dirt and misery off their face

And allow my heart break in their place

If my voice were sent to him

My very lips would utter in plain

I could feel the hope you want for them

The very strength you fill in them

So true were the feelings for your people

I would sacrifice any weight

To be at that moment in time

The very event

You draw out your sword and tied your life on it

Your only fear you pushed aside

For that one moment in your eyes

I saw the depth of your soul

I saw what i've known all along

I saw the King,King of Gondor.