Archie Smith, Boy Wonder: A tiny voice asked, "Is he the one?"

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It was a dark night when Archie got home from his baseball practice. He was so tired that he quickly jumped in his pajamas and went to sleep without even taking a bath yet! As he was snoring, two little shiny lights flew into his bedroom. "Is he the one?" asked one of the lights, what are they? They are fairies. "He must be," answered the other fairy, knocking over a bat which knocks down the yo-yo which was beside it and made a loud noise. The two fairies quickly flew out the window as Archie woke up because of the noise. "Who's there?" screamed Archie, but nothing was there, not even a shadow, or is it? He got up and went to the window and looked out, there is it, the two fairies seems like they didn't know that Archie had saw them. Archie quickly got a sock that had lay on the floor where he had put it when he got home, he caught a fairy with his sock and put it in a jar.

"Let me go, I'm innocent!" cried the little poor fairy, "We're just wanted to find a boy who's good at baseball." "We?" thought Archie, "There must be another fairy." Just then, another fairy flew in Archie's window, and this one looked more like a child, smaller. "Please let her go, we're just doing a flavor for our king that's all. Our king likes to play baseball but he can't find any baseball player to play with this year and we want to let him happy so we came to Earth to look for some good baseball player," said the little fairy in a very soft voice. Archie's eyes shone brightly, "Hey, I'm good at baseball. I could go with you to the...