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Whether or not you have heard about the art of designing houses, buildings, roads, bridges, and so forth, it's known as wonderful art as architecture. The architecture career is challenging and fun, but what is it really? An architect's education has to be very broad and should include high school, college, an internship and a license. A regular salary for an architect depends where and for whom the person is working for or in what stage of the career the architect is in. Advantages and disadvantages for this particular career aren't too many so it's not so risky but it can be a challenge every now and then. Architecture has also changed over all the periods of time so it may seem surprising to see what we still use from way back in the day. What does it take to become an architect, what do they do and how has it evolved?

The Job

"Architecture is the art and science of designing and erecting buildings, houses,

roads and bridges."

(Carew-Miller, Anna). Architects are the people who plan, design, and observe construction of any buildings or structures. They work with clients, plan layouts of buildings, prepare drawings of the soon to be buildings, write specifications, and prepare the blueprints. Architects also help the client find things they might need like a contractor or an interior design team. It all seems easy right? Wrong! Although an architects job seems easy it is truly very complex. As architects, they are expected to know construction methods, engineering principles and practices, and materials. Throughout the whole process of designing a building they work with a project team which is usually made up of designers, a structural designer, a project manager, aspecification writer and estimator. Their whole job revolves around different projects for example one week...