How to archive DVD movies onto Computer Avis.

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Okay, first and foremost this is not legal and these instructions are for informational and educational purposes only. I will not be held legally responsible for distributing this information.

You go to your local video store and rent your favorite movies that you love watching over and over again. Next, make sure your harddrive is more than (# of movies (times) 10)MB. Also, make sure you have a PC DVD Drive with software player installed on your computer.

1.)Download the divx codec (

2.)Download NANDUB ( -search using NANDUB as parameters

3.)Download FlaskMPEG ( -search using FLASKMPEG as parameters

4.)Download Smartripper ( -search using Smartripper as parameters

5.)Pop in the DVD in your drive and use your software player to play the first few seconds of the movie and close the program.

6.)Open Smartripper and choose an appropriate directory to copy the DVD movie to.

7.)Leave the default settings as is and press start.

8.)Close Smartripper and then close all the system services marked automatic.

9.)Open FlaskMPEG and use option Open DVD and choose the appropriate .ifo file.

10.)Choose English as the audio soundtrack .

11.)Choose the audio rate as 29.76. and Choose the bitrate at 48000.

12.)Go to crop option and choose preview crop and do it, self explanatory.

13.)Choose the divx codec using the 10000 KB video rate. First Pass-2 PASS and choose all mpeg 4 video options.

14.)Choose the mp3 codec at 320 KB.

15.)Start encoding.

16.)Repeat the steps 9-14 with the exception of the step 13 by choosing Second Pass-2 PASS.

17.)Your done with the actually producing a viewable computer movie, but next you have to cut it to actually fit on a CDR.

18.)Open NANDUB and remember the whole file size of file of the movie produced in the previous steps.

19.)Use the start and...