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Arctic Sovereignty Will Cause Global Conflict

Thesis statement

This paper discusses if Arctic Sovereignty can Cause Global Conflict.

The Arctic is the largest inhabited region on Earth: a vast area of fjords and tundra, jagged peaks and frozen seas, glaciers and icebergs. It's the realm of the polar bear and a wealth of other impressive wildlife, and is home to indigenous peoples who have adapted to live in one of the harshest environments in the world. The Arctic also contains the most productive marine ecosystem in the world, with four of the world's 10 largest fisheries, and its icy waters house the largest deep-water coral reef in the world. (Markinda, Samuel M. Murdoch, Pp 51)

The Arctic influences both regional and global climate, as surface waters that flow north into the area cool and become more saline and dense, sinking and flowing back out of the Arctic at great depths.

Known as 'thermohaline circulation', this is an important feature of the world's oceans and carries heat from the tropics to the poles. (Creery, Ian, Pp30)

The Arctic is under intimidation from a number of pressures. In addition to climate change and ocean acidification, over fishing, noise and toxic pollution, oil and gas exploration and production, and even corroding nuclear arsenals all have impacts.(

An oft-quoted figure-that the region contains 25% of the world's undiscovered oil and gas-is generally attributed to America's Geological Survey. It has never made an efficient study of the Arctic, or put a figure on its energy riches. However the United States and other Arctic nations are doing a survey now and a clearer image may soon emerge. (Ole, 46)

In the Arctic Government action has more to do with transportation than with under-sea...