Arctic Wolf and Dingo comparative essay

Essay by sickunt November 2014

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The Arctic Wolf and the Dingo have many similarities because of the fact that they are both from the canine species. Although they do have these similarities, this essay will be focusing on their differences - specifically the way that the each of these species has adapted to their environment. The particular adaptations that will be examined in this comparison are their fur, their pack sizes and hunting techniques, and the ears of these two canines.

The fur length and colour of these two animals is a large asset to them for camouflage and to help them survive in the completely different and harsh environment that they live in. Every arctic wolf's fur coat is white, which helps a lot when hunting as they are ambush hunters. The white coat also helps for hiding from predators such as bears, other wolves, and humans. Additionally, the arctic wolf has a double coat of fur which they grow in winter, and their fur is insulated all year.

This makes them adept enough to withstand sub-zero temperatures for several years. On the other hand, the dingo's fur is an orange colour. This helps for camouflage when hunting, as the dirt in the Australian outback is an orange or reddish colour. Also, the fur coat of the dingo is quite short and they only have a single coat.

Both of these canines have adapted to their extremely different habitats in many different ways. The ears of the arctic wolves are short and usually kept back so that they are not erect, this is because if their ears were erect, they would most likely suffer from frost bite. Dingoes, on the other hand, have large, pointy ears that are permanently erect. This is one of the ways that dingoes can survive the extreme heat...