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Tobaccos affect our living

I went online and saw a newspaper about two years old kid (Ardi rizal) who smoke 40 cigarettes per day. Which attracts me so much and looking so much satisfy like he is doing a wonderful job but unfortunately he is sitting on to his steering wheel truck and taking a deep breath which looks like a parody of lorry driver of middle age.

Tobacco is a green leaf plant which is grown in the warm climates. After plucking it from the trees or after picking it up it is then dried and then grown up and after this initial process it is then get utilized in different ways. It can be chewed which is called chewing tobacco or called smokeless tobacco, it can also get smoked in a cigar, pipe or cigarette and it can also be sniffed by a nose called snuff agent which is snuff.

More than 4000 chemicals are present in cigarette and its smoke which is Nicotine. It is the agent that develops or builds a habit-forming and makes tobacco more addictive. Nicotine gets into our blood stream once we smoke, sniff tobacco or chew it and then our body wants more and more with instant period of time and nicotine in a tobacco converts it into the drug. So it means when we make use of tobacco some way it changes our body. Our nervous system's speed gets increase, it also increases blood pressure and makes our heart to beat faster and then we feel and assume that we have more energy.

Tobacco is the main ingredient in cigarettes, chemicals present in the cigarette they not only results serious health diseases but also a cancer which can lead you die because fertilizers use tobacco to kill insecticides and therefore...