Area of study (change). Essay on why area of study is still relevant for todays students. Reference to both (Novel)Maestro (Short storey) Sky High

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The Macquarie dictionary defines "change" as the process of being made different, altered in appearance, turned into something or someone else. Any student can find this out but still to grasp the actual truth about the value of change of perspective you need to get an in-depth look at sources that will be able to project the feelings, emotions, outcomes and circumstances that surround why we change, how we change and the effects of change. I am sure that the area of study we have been provided with does just this.

In today's modern society more and more children are being faced with both dramatic and physical changes in there lives. With desirability of locations and family breaking and or expanding. Most children will be faced with hard and complex changes. The area of study provides them with information that will prepare them and equip them with facts to handle and cope.

It also provides us with a background against which to judge things, events that happen. As we read through the texts that have been set for us our minds broaden to the way others change and how they cope and handle problems.

We are presented with some similar events that we may be able to commiserate with and understand, others we are presented with we cannot think to grasp like events we are shown in the set text (novel) Maestro.

Experiences such as the ones that Herr Keller has experienced in his life are examples of this.

They are dramatic emotional and have a slightly traumatic effect on him.

Keller is withdrawn towards opening up to people and letting them see the truth about his history. Your first impression of Keller is bitter and power orientated towards others and you do not fully understand this until you see...