Area of Study - Change - Journal Work - Write a letter to someone who has been influential in your life.

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Dear Mrs. Calamatta,

Mrs. Calamatta, I am taking this chance to inform you of the vast impact you have had in influencing my life so far. In addition to this I would like to take this chance to thank you for your support, encouragement and love.

Mrs. Calamatta, you have always been the solid rock in the running river for me. When all else failed I could turn to you and know that I had a friend who I could talk to and always you helped me no matter the cost to your self. This support which you may or may not have known you offered has gotten me through many a hard time, when my whole world had turned to ashes you were always there to shine the light in the darkness once again. Nine years separates us in age but to me this has only strengthened our relationship and bonds us closer together.

Mrs. Calamatta, for as far back as I can remember you were teaching me life's lessons and showing me how to cope with big bad world you called it. You taught me the simple things that a parent can not, that life is not always nice to you, not everyone likes you, you cant be the best at everything, someone is always older then you and whether you like it or not you will listen to me. You influenced every thing I did because you were always there. I called you many names, not all of them nice, my fashion coordinator, the one that helped me get around my parents and the one who could always make me feel important.

Mrs. Calamatta you changed my life because you left. You left my inner circle, you weren't there now every day, you had got married, moved...