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Area Study: Milan The city of Milan is located in Northern Italy and is roughly 64 square miles in area. I decided to report on the city because it is approximately the size of the area in which we are to write about. Since the city of Milan is the only major city in Italy that I have yet to venture to, I picked it as my topic to study. Also, I picked Milan because it lies in the Po river valley, which could be a topic region of Europe to study all itself. Milan is the second largest city in Italy, second to Rome, which is the only city to have more people. Milan serves as Italy's chief center of finance, manufacturing, and international trade. It's location in northern Italy near a pass in the Alps that connects it to southern France, Germany and Switzerland made it a center of trade early in history and is mainly the reason that Milan has grown to become the large and important city it is today.

It is an average 100 feet above sea level and is situated 300 miles northwest of Rome and 150 miles west of Venice, giving you a sense of the location.

Milan is located in the Po River Basin, which is a flat and very fertile river valley that is home to a large agricultural and industrial region. The arable soil in the valley allow for some of the best land for agriculture and the river provides prime harbor sites for major marinas. The shallow foothills of the giant Southern Alps Mountains also flank Milan. It's location is quite exquisite because Milan lies in the Po Valley perfectly (Central-Western area) so that it is the point at which it is possible to distinguish a high sandy and...