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Ecuador The country I have researched is Ecuador. Ecuador is South America. The Capital is Quito. Its flag is Yellow, Blue, and Red.

There is a mixture of climates, which all depends on altitude. Also the geography is very mixed here. In the West there is coastal lowland. This area is wet and swampy in the north, a desert in the south and a flat plain along the pacific coastline.

Another area is the Andes Highland/mountains (which is also referred to as "Sierra" in the central part of the country. Here there is springlike weather all year round near the lower altitudes. In the upper altitudes, there are snow-covered peaks that are above 16 thousand feet. Some of the peaks rise over 20 thousand feet, some of which are volcanic. In the highland portion of this area there are high plateaus and much of it is farmed.

The Eastern lowland, also called "Oriente" is thick with tropical forest and is a part of the Amazon River basin. Most of this area is not populated, if so, it is very scattered. People travel by boat in this region.

In Ecuador there is a vast difference between minorities and the upper class citizens. Roman Catholics make up the vast majority of the population. The Mestizos fall in to the lower ranking category, and therefore, are the hardest working. They usually live in wood homes and work in the plantations. The Indians, which are higher ranking than the Mestizos. The white European citizens are the highest ranking, and own the plantations or work in businesses in cities. The black population, only about 10% of the population, arrived as slaves.

There are a lot of exports in Ecuador. The number one crop is bananas. The following are others: coffee, cacao, beef,