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There are quite a few countries in the world. In the south end of South America lies Argentina. The people of Argentina live a life different than other countries around the world. The government of Argentina is very similar to the US government. They have a short history because they only had nomadic Indians living before the 16th century. Argentina has an interesting history, government, environment, and interesting customs.

Argentina has a short history with interesting facts. In and before the 16th century there were 20 major Indian groups one being the Incas. The Indians were nomadic which are hunters that wander around and hunt and trap animals for food. Juan Diaz de Solis entered Rio de la Plata in 1516. He was the first European explorer to reach Argentina. He was killed by the war like Indians. In 1916 Argentina liberated Chile and Peru from Spanish rule. The Argentineans led by Jose de son Martin crossed the Andes to get to Chile and Peru.

Before in 1912 Argentina fought to vote. Finally, 1916 Hypolita Irigoyon, of the radical power, was the 1st voted president and there was 7 years of military rule. In 1930 he was over thrown by a military coup. The government was an important part of Argentina's history.

The government of Argentina is similar to the United States government. Their government is a federal type government that is based on a constitution. There are 3 branches the executive, legislature, and judiciary. First, a president who serves a 4-year term runs the executive power. Next, the legislature is composed of deputies and the senate. Deputies are voted by popular vote, and they serve 4-year terms. The senators are picked by provincial legislatures, and they serve 9-year terms. Finally, the judiciary is made of a federal court system,