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Argentina is the second largest country in South America after Brazil. Argentina has a population of 39,144,753, about 85 percent of Argentina's population is of European origin and most of the other immigrants are from Paraguay and Bolivia with most of the population living in urban areas like Buenos Aires which is the biggest city in Argentina

Argentina is one of the world's leading cattle and grain-producing nations. But sense the 80s the tourism, and telecommunications have grown in the 1990s the government changed the primarily state-controlled economy which created a drag on the economy in 2001 Argentina had revenues of $37 billion and exports of $46 billion. Argentina's gross domestic product in 2002 was $102 billion.

In Argentina the government hasn't changed since the constitution of 1853, the government of Argentina is a federal republic run by the president. Argentina has National Congress consisting of a Senate and a Chamber of Deputies.

The president of Argentina is Nestor Kirchner. The president is elected to a four-year term and he has the option of running for president for another four years.

Buenos Aires has skyscrapers and in the streets there are people performing in the streets, on stages, and in cafes, there is also Tango Festival where more than 150 performers, soloists, orchestras, ensembles and dancers give nearly 100 free shows and concerts. In the city of Asunciona 450 year old city there are many things to do like go to the cathedral and archaeological museum.

I wouldn't want to live in Argentina because the country is going under; the country is suffering from the collapse of the Argentine economy. People beat on pots and pans from their windows or in the streets as a way of protest and they also have occasional protest marches