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Emilio Chambouleyron

Assignment 1

Argentinian football

Professional Football in Argentina nowadays is suffering of corruption, politicization and lack of planning. These latest years Argentinian soccer has lowered it`s level abruptly, most of the clubs are broken, most of the good players play in outside markets (Europe mainly) and hooligans are taking the control of this popular sport.

Since 2009, TV's soccer rights belong to the national government, "Futbol para todos" or Football for everybody (FFE) is the name of the program that broadcast football, punct before it used to belong to a private company named Clarín. There many discussion about the intentions of the government when taking over the TV's soccer rights. In my opinion, this was a political strategy: soccer is the most popular sport in Argentina; in 2010 Nestor Kirchner, Cristina Kirchner´s (the actual president) husband and former president of Argentina gave an order to stop transmitting private publicity during Football for everybody, only political propaganda.

Since then, FFE has become in a terrible political instrument.

"Boca Juniors", "River Plate", "Racing Club", "Independiente" and "San Lorenzo" are the five biggest soccer clubs in Argentina. If you sum up all there liabilities the result will be more than 600 $ millions. These clubs are still alive because of the "AFA" explain what it stands for which gives money to them, the money of the "AFA" comes from the national government, and the money of the government comes from all Argentinians. In 2012 the state spent five millions per day in this program, more than the half of the security budget. So, if the state is "investing" in Football like never before, the question would be: where are the results? Or, where is the money going to? Let us forget about the government's intentions for a while and focus on...