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INTRO In today?s sporting industry, females are still receiving less prize money than males in the majority of competitions. Females shouldn?t be receiving the same money as males if they are playing a modified version of these sports, however if they are undertaking the same physical activity as the males why should they get paid less? The minority of sporting events globally offer equal pay or prize money to both females and males. However why do the females deserve the same amount of prize money as the males? AGAINST If females were to receive as much prize money as males, should have to be able to produce the same results? Males are able to hit balls further and, serve and bowl balls faster then females, and in each of these sports, golf, tennis and cricket, males receive more prize money in these sports for their ability to do these tasks.

Females are therefore lacking in the ability to create the same results, so why should they be receiving the same money for something that is of less a standard to males? Audience?s of these sports crave for the pace and accuracy of the players, which is how the particular organizations receive money to use as prizes. As with anything else in the world, higher quality objects are worth more money, and the more credibility someone has, the higher they are paid.

FOR Females lack the muscular strength of males, however this does not imply that they are unable to preform to their maximum ability. A males VO2 Max (amount of oxygen the body can use while exercising) is higher than females, so technically if a male and female both work to their maximum VO2, then they are working at the same level physically. Why should a female receive less money,