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Santos Molina


Mrs. Farris

December 26 2013

A Crime Guide

Although On these days violence is everywhere including schools, home, and in the streets. Violence is being generated now in the living room where your kid is getting entertained with his video games. Violent video games are very popular for teens these days. These violent video games are making kids addicted to the games to the point where the kid becomes violent, and aggressive. Many studies have shown that violent video games are the guide to commit a crime in the future.

The first reason against violent video games is the violent games make players become violent. Playing violent video games lead people to real life crimes. If your kid is playing a violent video game to much he is getting trained to do the same thing the character in the game is doing like stealing and killing. According to Jack Thompson the" Department of defense used the same violent video games to train the soldiers".

A kid that is playing every day violent video games is getting obsessed with the game, to the point where he wants to be like characters In the video game. The kids that play violent video games daily start having problems at school or become bullies because they start to try to mimic the actions of the character of his violent video game, the kid also will treat his friends like if he was in the game. This kid will always try to solve everything by fighting. At that point the violent video game is no longer entertaining it is influencing him to do the same thing as his character, to Kill.

The second reason against violent video games is that it changes the player's personality. A person that plays videos games do...