Argument against gay marriage, Against same sex marriage

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Traditionally the term marriage has always been referred to as the union of a man and a woman. This has always been viewed and taken as both a serious and sacred thing. Thus at a time in human history, when common sense and logic seem to be lacking from human civilization, gay marriage can only be viewed in terms of folly and corruption. I agree that corruption may sound a bit harsh or overbearing in this case, but when you consider the traditional marriage, then substitute a modern portrait of the same sex joining in holy matrimony, corrupt is the first word that comes to mind. Although, primary arguments against gay marriage are mostly based on emotion, there are some other, more concrete reasons for its ban. The most popular one is religion. In many different versions of the bible, and in various religious beliefs, it is forbidden, or sinful to engage in sexual activity with someone of the same sex; let alone marry them.

Some advocates against gay marriages argue that the idea of same sex marriages combat s the idea of procreation (at least in the traditional manner). All of these arguments will serve as adequate grounds as to why gay marriage should be banned. Also I feel that since homosexuals cannot natural conceive and get married without intention to conceive, they do not deserve the title of marriage.

The idea of same sex marriage is untraditional, the idea of a traditional marriage is already decaying with at least 40% of Americans getting divorces and having single parent household. Those who grow up in single parent households grow up thinking it okay to be a single parent. Which in turn leads to a generation of individuals who consider it okay to be single parents, this same...