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Better for Who?

Benjamin Franklin once said, "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." One does not know what his take would be on school uniforms in current times, but his statement resounds strongly in the debate of whether or not children in public school should be forced to wear uniforms. One might think that it is battle between authority and their subjects, but as research has been established it is found that it should be not a battle, but a fact that uniforms in schools are foolish They are not only ineffective in the ways that educators want them to be, but problematic. While at first opponents of implementing uniforms were the kids who didn't want to wear them, the group has expanded to include parents, teachers and researchers. These people stress the effectiveness of school uniforms, the financial burden of uniforms and the legality of mandated dress.

It seems as though the assembly in the kid's corner is growing and winning.

First we must begin with why people would support school uniforms. There are many reasons that, at first, uniforms seem like a very good idea in public schools. The wearing of uniforms would eliminate the wearing of gang colors and thus eliminate much gang activity. Children are often embarrassed, envious or even violent toward those who have more money and wear designer clothing when they cannot afford them. Everyone wearing the same uniform would make this problem disappear. Uniforms would stop the inappropriate clothing often worn to school. School uniforms would also create a more "scholarly" environment, thus improving

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the student them selves, academically and behaviorally (Gursky 46). While this last argument is what I tend to defeat the rest seem like...