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Remembering the Tragic Day

It seems like only a year ago when the tragic day of September 11th occurred. On that day there were 2,986 deaths all in less than an hour apart. But yet it seems as if people do not remember that day and think of the big picture of what really happened that day. The song "Have You Forgotten" by Darryl Worley touches the hearts of all Americans that hear this it. This song relates to everyone because of everyone's knowledge and experience in this particular public issue. The song is a tribute to the attacks that happened to the United States on September 11th. Since the attacks there have been many tribute songs; however Worley's song is considered the most sentimental and meaningful one in response to that day by many people. "Have You Forgotten" brings up many valid arguments and shows a variety of opinions that are worth reflecting about.

This argument is pro war and supports the military and wants to get the idea across to the people that the troops are oversea for a reason.

Darryl Worley's main point of this song is to support the military and all the troops oversea, as well as to remind everyone of the attacks on September 11th. Worley implies that people who oppose war in Iraq must not remember the multiple attacks on American soil. He shows his claims both directly and indirectly. Andrea A. Lunsford editor of Everything is an Argument says that, "Arguments begin with a claim, which are statements or assertions you hope to prove. With a claim you stake out a position others will likely find controversial" (Lunsford 124). In this particular song, Worley starts off with a claim on the fifth line by saying, "They say we don't realize the...