The Argument From Design

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In an effort to prove the existence of God, a well-known argument called the Argument from Design was formulated through objective reasoning. This paper will attempt to describe this argument, its ambiguities and will also discuss, in detail, one powerful objection to it. Finally, a possible response against such an objection from a supporter of the Argument from Design will be considered.

The basic idea behind the Argument from Design is that the world exists in such a harmonious state, that there must be a creator or designer. The world has too many intricate parts that fit too well together to be an accident. The mere chances of everything working together in such perfect synchronization are mathematically impossible (p.120-121). The world is analogous to a thought-out well-oiled machine. Darrow compares the world to a watch found a beach by a person who had never seen such a device before (p 124).

The person who found the watch would look at the device and most likely would not assume that it had been created naturally from the ocean, sand, rocks and other surrounding environment, but instead, that it had been created by a designer to serve some greater purpose. So too can the world be looked at in this view, except on a much larger scale. As the watch's hands, cogs and springs fit together in perfect harmony to tell the time, so too do the small parts of the world work together in perfect harmony to sustain life. The argument goes on to describe the many conditions which must exist in order to keep life thriving, such as the tilt of the world which causes the seasons to change, or the distance of the earth from the sun which is just perfect to keep us from getting scorched or freezing...