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Julio C. Sanchez

Mr. Molina

English 1302

14 September 2014

Argument Essay Draft

Our world today seems to be run by technology. The technology innovations have sparked up a debate on the children's use of technology. The over exposure of technology to the children has major disadvantages such as retaining them from child development, becoming acquainted with adult content and withdrawing them from social interaction. Children live on Smartphones, tablets, and other computerized objects. We must place an age restriction on the use of technology so that our youth can follow through the proper building blocks for their future.

Too much screen time and not enough extracurricular activities, such as reading, playing outdoors, and socializing/interacting, will result in children lacking the natural development of the brain. Keeping these children behind lit up screens may make them less prepared to flourish in this new world of technology innovation.

According to "Seven out of 10 children younger than 8 have used a mobile device, a figure that has doubled in two years." If percentages of children dependent on technology keep going up as the years go by, the future may not know what hide-n-seek or reading a good old book is. Maybe a ten through thirteen year old needs a phone to call a friend or in an emergency but, all the other children between two and five don't really ever leave their parents sight. Every time I go somewhere whether it is out to lunch or to run a quick errand I always see toddlers and kids up to the age of about 9 playing on a technology device. Parents just do not want to struggle with the crying or having to stress over keeping their child entertained. They just hand them over the device to...