An Argument For Marxist Socialism In Canada. Provides a Brief, but fairly in depth arguement FOR Canada's conversion to a marxist government.

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An Argument For Marxist Socialism In Canada

Marxist Socialism is the ideal form of government in Canada. Through this egalitarian way of governing, Canadians could solve virtually all the problems plaguing our society today. Using Marx's theory we could end the seemingly permanent slump our dollar has been in. As shown by the Soviets for many years by using their work force as their form of capital they were able to control the economic rises and depressions that usually occur and that Canada suffers from continually. Thereby controlling the rate of their currency. By employing this model, we too could increase the value of our dollar to be on par with if not surpass the value of the American dollar. Taxes which all Canadians object to paying would become non-existent, there would be no need to tax citizens because the Government would be able to retain the excess money which would have been spent on higher salaries to supplement the economy.

In addition, a socialist government takes better care of its citizens and therefore we as Canadians would stop trying to fight our government: we would have nothing to fight for. Perhaps the most appealing prospect to arise from Marxist theory is the idea that we could eliminate unemployment almost immediately. Because the wealth would be evenly distributed according to amount worked factory workers would earn as much as Doctors. Because of this, the companies could afford to build larger plants and employ more people. This makes all citizens more content with their lives because it eliminates the competition for higher salaries and better jobs; everyone is the same. Marxism allows everyone to participate in the economy. Another way a Marxist government takes care of its population is by providing free education, including university education to all people regardless of...