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The CSI Effect

Although some may feel they can differentiate reality from fiction, one would be surprised how easily their sense of reality can be altered. Media, specifically television, gives us great knowledge about what is going on in the world around us-for instance, the news; however, it is also television that gives us great pleasure with its fictional television shows. Law and Order, CSI, and Criminal Minds-all great television shows based off crime reports, witness statements, and the help of great Hollywood writers. It is from these shows that the concept, "The CSI Effect" has been created. This phenomenon is the idea that these shows that falsely portray our criminal justice system-the public, specifically jurors, will have a misconception of legal tactics and procedures. The concern though, where is the line drawn from reality to fiction in television? People can easily see on these shows paperwork being written up in seconds and lab results returned instantly-giving false pretenses to those who watch and believe these shows to hold true value.

By giving people a preset notion of what to expect, our society should recognize these shows have a great impact on the public, those who dream to have careers like those in the shows, and on our legal system today

On one given night, 30 million people watch CSI, and more than a collective 100 million viewers watch shows revolving around scientific, crime-solving dramas a week (Shelton, 2008). The popularity of the show and others like it has prompted many studies and articles arguing the prevalence of the CSI Effect, and how much of an impact it can actually have on our legal system. One of the most important parts of our legal system takes place after someone has been arrested, and is going through...