Argument/position paper on social networking sites.

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Meet Cool New Friends.

MySpace, a place for friends or a place for crime? Some people find that social networking sites such as MySpace or Facebook are good for nothing but letting predators select their next prey. While other users of these sites such as myself find both of these social networking sites very useful. These sites give me and other users a place to show who we are as a person, and let people know our thoughts.

Using social networking sites can help me stay in touch and keep me updated with what is going on in my former classmates, family, or just an old friend's life. For example, being able to keep contact with distant family and friends can ease the shock of being away from home and in a new, stressful environment, which in turn can help improve concentration on the more important things. These sites will let you do anything from upload pictures from any occasion or just upload recent pictures of yourself.

I can also write a blog about anything that is happening in my life or maybe even a poem that I have written. Ashley Imsand, a 21-year-old senior at Auburn University in Alabama, uses Facebook to trade notes and pictures with old high-school friends. According to her she says that "they're spread all across the country." Ashley also says that "it's a neat way to share what's going on in each other's lives. You manage to stay in touch more than you otherwise would." I think that most of everyone that uses social networking sites has the same belief as her. Now day's people can keep in touch with pretty much any one they would really like too. Metz, Cade. "MySpace Nation." July 2006: 8.

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