The Argument for Vegetarianism

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The Argument for Vegetarianism

Albert Einstein once made the claim that, "nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances of survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet." This statement is quickly proving to be true in today's society. Contrary to popular belief, a vegetarian diet--one that does not include meat--promotes a far better lifestyle than one including meat. Vegetarianism promotes good health, a better environment, the ethical treatment of animals, and a cheaper, more affordable way of life. Therefore, there is no reason for today's society not to switch over to a completely meat-free diet.

Like many vegetarians, I find myself constantly defending my dietary choices. I believe that first and foremost one must become informed on the effects of a meat-inclusive diet. The multitude of unfortunate consequences far outweighs the benefits of such a diet. Eating meat negatively affects health and the environment.

It is also promoting the slaughtering of animals for unneeded food, and it prevents those who are suffering due to hunger from receiving the amount of food they need in order to survive. However, the majority of today's society has been convinced that slaughtering and eating animals is socially acceptable. Many say that eating meat is human nature, and that animals are for our taking in order to survive. However, the fact is that we do not need them to survive; therefore, taking away from that concept. To change this shocking attitude towards the many helpless animals, it would take a large quantity of proof regarding the effects of meat on everything from people to the environment. Fortunately, this proof is readily available, however not often publicized.

It is certain that one's health is negatively affected both short and long term if he or she chooses to eat...