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ABORTION Roe versus Wade was a very important class action suit in 1973 in which a single mother challenged the laws of Texas. The laws stated that no abortions were allowed unless medical advice was given to the mother that stated she needed the abortion to save her life. In the end Mrs. Roe won the case and changed the law in Texas as well as 46 other states. This decision was accepted by many but also rejected by many as well. In this essay I am going to show you why abortion is a horrible thing and that the ruling in the case of Roe vs. Wade was totally incorrect. So lets get started now with some of the consequences that have risen from the legalization of abortion.

Many consequences have come from the legalization of abortion and here are a couple of them that I decided to put in my essay so that you could be aware of them.

Legalizing abortion was supposed to help reduce child abuse, since it was assumed that most abused children were abused because they were unwanted pregnancies and unwanted at birth. But according to scientific studies this theory has been disproven by statistics that say that child abuse has sharply risen since abortion became legal in 1973. Another consequence of abortion is that after the decision has been made and the abortion has been done an excellent relationship would be destroyed. Studies confirm that 70% of relationships ended within one month of the abortion. Like I said these are just a couple of consequences to think about when you're thinking of getting an abortion.

In my opinion abortion is totally wrong and should not be legal in any state, it is murder and it should be illegal everywhere. Why would you want...