Argumentation essay on the negative effects of homeschooling your child.

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An average day in the life of a 10 year old consists of waking up, eating breakfast, and going to school followed by coming home to their loving families at the end of the day. Would this routine seem complete without going to school involved? In some cases children are not sent to a public school, but taught at home by one of their parents or both. Without being sent to mingle with peers, the child most defiantly misses out on important skills and lessons one can only learn while interacting with other people their age. Crucial life lessons, social skills, and specific aspects of education can be missed out on as a home schooled child.

An important aspect to remember if considering home schooling as an option is that the most successful parents who home school are school teachers and not stay at home moms. Even in this situation there is no way that a one person teaching system could even begin to compare to the wisdom, intelligence and experience one can get in a high school setting.

Without the variety of influences from teachers there are a few gaps left in a child's education. With only one influence, they will not have a broad view of the world due to the fact that anything they've ever learned of heard an opinion of is from one person. Isn't education all about learning about all sorts of the view points out there in the real world?

In most cases parents may home school their child in order to protect them from the horrible world of peer pressure and bad influences. Although a parent with a child nearing the schooling age would probably think this is a wonderful idea. They most likely do not realize that this is thinking short-term and...