Argumentative Essay- Fast-Food Advertising Deceives Americans to Obesity

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Fast-Food Advertising Deceives Americans to Obesity

With every precious tick of the clock, an American rushes to perform yet another task in a day with a meager 24 hours. With all the activity encompassed within these hours, many aspects of life are neglected. One of these aspects--the most important and vital one, in fact-- is self-nourishment. One must eat foods that are healthy as well as conducive to optimal bodily function and survival. In an attempt to adequately nourish themselves, Americans have fallen victim to seductive fast-food advertising that falsely leads them to believe that fast-food is healthy; this is an unconscionable misrepresentation on the part of the advertisers and thus should be punished.

Firstly, what is the point of advertising? "Advertising," the San Francisco Chronicle says, "is meant too woo the consumer. The fast food industry uses images of crisp green lettuce, juicy red tomatoes, and crunchy nutritious onions in its advertisements to lure the hungry American off their couch and into fast-food restaurants".

This unabashed seduction of the mouth and eyes, coupled with endorsements of celebrities (Britney Spears for McDonalds, BB King for Burger King, etc.), leads Americans to fast-food restaurants in droves. Since the late 1970s, notes the Anchorage Daily News, "fast food consumption has risen over 15%. While Americans used to consume fast food for about only 17% of their meals, that number has now skyrocketed to 32%." The sharp increase in consumption of fast food since the 1970s can be attributed to the aggressive advertising campaigns of the fast food industry. Clearly, the objectives of these advertisers have been met as they have been successful in attracting consumers by the millions and thus achieving enormous growth within the industry.

However, the means by which advertisers attract these customers are deceitful. Fast-food advertisers, charges the...