An argumentative speech on how students of different sexes learn and their learning patterns.

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Is there place for single sex schools in the Australia of the 21st century?

Yes, there is place for single sex schools in Australia but more than just a place, I believe that all schools should be single sex schools. This is due to the fact that boys and girls are very diverse both in the way that they learn and their individual educational needs. Above all, education is the embodiment of the 21st century - the century of the new age. In the 20th century the education facilities where very second rate but now they are more developed. This is because due to the development of research in the area of student behaviour and learning patterns. Men are from Mars and women are from Venus therefore we need to provide separate educational needs.

Firstly results from an assortment of different investigations have proven that girls and boys have different learning styles.

Boys are usually more active, learn visually and have a more hands on approach to learning tasks. Girls are more passive and have a more verbal method to learning tasks. These diverse procedures would make it unorthodox to place students of the same sex under the same learning techniques.

Secondly it is a proven biological point that boys and girls develop at distinctive rates. Therefore if students of different sex where placed under the same learning speed, one sex will always be disadvantaged.

Furthermore we know that girls seem to mature earlier than boys, which would make girls more confident and participate more in class. This can have psychological effects on boys. This early advantage for girls would make them seem more intelligent to the boys and therefore make the boys feel unintelligent and less confident. Then when the boys catch up and over take the girls,