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Sports and Musical events are a few of many attractions to attend. Filled with lots of colour and music, many people can have fun and enjoy themselves in many ways with the events or the stalls, which are around the area. However, to provide the public with such an event takes a lot of time, equipment, and a lot of people to be able to create such an event.

There are a lot of ups and downs when it comes to staging an event like this. For example, it is really time consuming and not to mention, really pricy. To plan such an event will take a lot of time. Firstly, a group or person has to find a team that can help with the research on what they need for the event, planning what they want to have during the event, decision-making with what they think is best and what they think should be improved, and making conclusions with everything.

The next stage, the team would have to contact different kind of people in order to make this happen, for example they need a stage built for a musical performance so they would need to contact a stage building team and would need to sort out the amount of time needed to build the stage, and would also need to deal with the cost of having a stage building team helping. A stage would take days to build, however planning could take weeks or even months if it becomes way too complicated.

However, even if it takes a while to get everything together and makes sure things are ready, the outcome of the hard work and time does pay off. People who enjoy events can have a lot of fun and...