Arguments about cloning. How it is debated in our society and what is cloning?

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Cloning is a subject that has been argued for years and even more since the cloning of a sheep. In 1997 when Dr. Ian Wilmot cloned the first adult sheep, people started to realize that cloning was no longer just something that might happen in the future but something that was very real and something that was happening right now in the present. I believe that this is going to be the new big debate in the world. I think that the old debate was on abortion and whether or not we, as a society, should support pro-choice or pro-life. Now we have moved past abortion and now we are moving into cloning. There have already been human embryos cloned in China, which has been very successful. So the ability to clone is possible. The question about cloning we have as a country is simple; as a society are we going to support cloning or are we going to deny the ability to do something that has never been done before? By understanding how the cloning process works and what advantages and disadvantages cloning has to offer; I believe that there will be many more supporters of this new science.

According to the most recent poll done by TIME/CNN on February 7-8 2001, 88 percent of people answered that scientist should not be allowed to clone humans (Time). The main reason for this is not because people don't agree with the ideas of cloning but because many people are uneducated on the cloning process. Many people feel that cloning is something out of a movie and that really is not the case. The definition of cloning by the American Heritage Dictionary defines it as a group of genetically identical cells descended from a single common ancestor (Morris). Where most people...