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We live in a multi-dimensional holographic program created by 12 pyramids which exist on 12 levels (and sub-levels).

The programs are generated simultaneously at the place we call the Great Pyramid.

This program - along with 12 other - that are not in third dimension - create a gridwork - matrix - collective thoughts (dreams) - akashic record - of everything that is occurring in all of the programs at the same 'space' though not 'time' as that is a 3D illusion.

The level of your frequency awareness determines the aspects of the program you can connect with and 'read'.

These programs are not unlike computer generated holograms. In third dimension the frequency is very slow to allow souls to experience through their emotions bodies. In order to do that - 3D programs have polarities which always keep them out of balance. The name of the game is to bring balance into your life - yet the way the program is set up - it's like a Catch 22 - once you find balance - something always 'upsets the apple cart'.

This is also applies to the physical planet.

All programs follow the same geometric patterning - which we call Sacred Geometry. It is the basis of all creation and hence repeats in cycles (circles). That is why we find similarities in the patterns of ancient creational myths - as they are all created by the same program - producing what we might call 'experiential games' for the souls to play out.

Third dimension is a game of electromagnetic energies - controlled by rods which - at various time belonged to those we called the Gods / goddess / prophets / wizards / magicians. It is how they performed their tricks - controlled the program. The metal of the rods is unknown to us - as are the crystals often used with as long the rods as amplifiers.

See Urim and Thummim.

The rods on the side of the Arc are made of this metal as is the ark itself. These rods were carried by the Gods in the times of Ancient Egypt, by Moses, Jesus and others. As you search through Crystalinks you will find that all of these Gods / goddesses / prophets - carried rods. It made the Magic - Mag(net)ics - work.