Arming Teachers

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31 March 2014

Arming Teachers

There has been debate across the nation over the issue of whether or not teachers should be allowed to have concealed firearms in public institutions. There was a number of shootings that sparked this dispute. On December 14, 2012 one particular shooting that raised awareness across the United States was the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in Newtown, Connecticut (Kouri). The horrific event left twenty students and six educators dead. Over the course of two years since this happened several positions have been taken to try and solve this major controversy. Ideas on how states should approach this problem are being taken from a variety of stakeholders including educators, victims, and even firearm owners. The major subject that these groups all revolve around is the students' security and how stakeholders should protect them.

Corbett offers three different reasons as to why putting guns in school would be a bad idea. In his first reason, he states "Kids get their hands on most everything". Corbett believes that students might be able to find firearms in the school and misuse them. He draws on statistical data in order to support his ideas (Corbett). His second reason, "Kids will be afraid", revolves around the student's mentality and how it will be negatively affected. He thinks that it will make children fear going to school with armed teachers (Corbett). The last reason he lists, "And this talk is necessary", pushes for the need of communication between adults and the students in schools. Corbett encourages "engaging children in meaningful dialogue on their level." He thinks it's a vital stepping stone in solving the controversy dealing with putting guns in educator's hands. (Corbett).

Ken Corbett opposes putting guns...