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Arms trade is an international business. A few decades ago the arms business was in the hands of governments. Even though there's a group of private arms companies now, the arms business remains tied to today's international relations of the world. As countries make alliances with each other, as treaties are made, the arms industry plays an important strategic role in world politics. The present day's world politics can be a complex chess game, with the leaders of the world making the rules, and arms companies carrying out orders. However, some might argue that it's the other way around. That it's actually the arms companies which has an influence on the governments. There is now a global market for small arms which is harder to control and the impact caused by it is disastrous. Imagine the destruction caused by the revolvers and self-loading pistols, rifles and carbines, assault rifles, submachine guns and light machine guns, heavy machine guns, mounted grenade launchers and portable anti-tank and anti-aircraft systems.

All of these weapons are used everywhere by the police, by the army and by guerrilla and revolutionary groups. In addition, they are carried by ordinary people in many countries that had legalized guns for the mass public. Furthermore, they are used in every armed conflict between different countries, civil wars and in gang warfare. It is reported that in 1999, 45 different countries reported to the UN that they were legally producing firearms for domestic and export markets.

The world is at conflict as a consequence to the sales of arms1. In reality without arms the number of casualties will be limited significantly in conflicts. In war zone countries, arms sale is a real income, hence a way of life. In addition, many children are forced into becoming what is called as...