Will Arnold be a Good Governor? By David Woolf

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Will Arnold be a Good Governor?

By David Woolf

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a very successful movie star and is now Governor-elect of California. Some people call him a muscle-bound dumbbell, others see him as a messiah of sorts sent to save California from Governor Gray Davis. It is a fact, that this "Last Action Hero" has exactly zero political experience, but that didn't seem to matter to a large portion of Californians.

First, Schwarzenegger needs to learn about what he doesn't know and right now, he doesn't know much. He can't put off fixing budget and the $20 billion deficit. If nothing else, he should at least hire an accountant to help him. The sooner Arnold stops promising not to raise taxes the easier it will be when he finally realizes that he's going to have to. Schwarzenegger, seemingly ignorant of the workings of Sacramento, benefits, just as Ronald Reagan did, from something more important: star power and charm.

"Mr. Universe" is now known as "Mr. Governor". This is thanks to the people of California who were warped by the massive media exposure that this massive man was handed. From his announcement of running for governor to election day, Schwarzenegger's name appeared in The Los Angles Times headlines 218 times- 40% more than the combined total for Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante, Senator Tom McClintock, Independent Candidate Arianna Huffington and Green Party Candidate Peter Camejo. The New York Times used Schwarzenegger's name in headlines 35 times before he was elected while mentioning the other four leading candidates only once combined. There were 72 showings of nine Schwarzenegger movies on seven cable channels between Aug. 10 and the election.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and California are like two people who went to Las Vegas and got married on a whim. Acting on impulse...