Aroused Problems in a Post Apartheid South Africa

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The apartheid is a South African policy of segregation and discrimination against non-whites and it all started in 1949. Near half a century later, in 1994, President Nelson Mandela came into power and stopped the apartheid, after that, the time period is known as the post apartheid. Mandela and his new democratic system brought much cheers and applause. Unfortunately, many problems aroused soon after, and although South Africa is developing, if nothing is done about these problems, the promises and successes of the pass decade will fade away completely.

One of the main problems is the employment rate. Many workers are coming from other black African states, hoping for better wages and social conditions. Some U.S. companies offers equal opportunity, while others will still have a long way to go in order to give everyone a fair chance to the job. The government cannot control what people the company want to hire.

Another big problem is crime, especially crimes of violence. An example is the killing of the Ciskei police: Gqozo is extremely cold-blooded and actually commanded his squad to fire; and adding to his cruelty, the Ciskei's black soldiers also fired onto black marchers, causing a complete riot, killing and wounding over two hundred. This is not the only situation, in fact, much violent behaviours are happening everywhere, especially related to economy. Employees are getting robbed while shipping goods from place to place.

Aside from the problems the civilians face, politicians are having numerous problems with each other. Mr Mandela and Mr de Klerk are working very hard to keep order within South Africa. Mr de Klerk is supporting the idea of having homelands, but other homeland leaders are not cooperating.

In the post apartheid stage, problems have emerged everywhere. Mandela is continuing to work hard to straighten things...