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Arranged Marriage

An arranged marriage is when parents, or the eldest male in the family, choose a spouse for a young boy or girl. Arranged marriages are practiced all over the world, some countries include Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Canada and India. These types of marriages have many positive and negative points.In the perspective of materialistic psychology, love is just an emotional attachment process. This sounds so plain, but nevertheless is the basis on which some interesting phenomena can be explained.

Some arranged marriages can work-out, but the man or woman may not be happy with the spouse that has been chosen for him/her. If the man and the woman get along, that's excellent, but sometimes there a lot of differences which can cause problems. Arranged marriages can improve the social standings of a family. In some cases women get the opportunity to work, but women are usually stay-at-home mum.

You have to be the same nationality. So East Indians marry East Indians. In the Sikh culture/religion the son or daughter have to marry the same cast (rich marry rich, farmers marry farmers).

In Japan if you are twenty-five and not engaged or married, then you are called "Christmas Cake!" In India if you divorce in an arranged marriage your parents will disown you. Some people from India wear something on their forehead that is called the "third eye." They believe that they can see the world better when they wear it. In Pakistan 90 percent of marriages are arranged while in Japan 25-30 percent of all marriages are arranged. Some Indian women have taken drug overdoses to escape from the emotions that their lives would bring them. In China if you are in an arranged marriage then you are only allowed to have one child. In India women can...