The Arrest

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Dear Charles,

Have these strange men come around to your house and taken your dad away? Well yesterday they took mine away; they said something about our father stealing something. Not really sure on what he would steal; our father would have worked hard to earn anything. Though the ham bone and pork sausage we had was the most mouth-watering smell that has ever touched my nose.

"Will daddy ever come back?" I asked my mother, she didn't answer, and for the whole day she just sat by the fire and stared into the burning flames. Even though the strange men had come yesterday I still feel very cold from them being here, how they had taken my father away never to come back and my special Sounder's life.

The men stormed in as I was on my way out to retrieve some fire wood as mother had told me to.

They pushed me inside and Sounder started to bark furiously at them it was as if he knew that father was going to be taken away. They made such a mess when they came in jerking at the cloth that father had the ham put in, then slamming the ham on the wall.

The man that spoke first as he came in pulled out a shiny shaped star, I was afraid to ask him if I could hold his pretty star because they had barged in so barbarically with some sort of authority over a house that wasn't even theirs.

They suddenly had father taken away in a sort of moving house with shiny circle things around his wrists. There was a large horse at the front of the moving house pulling it along I guess.

They also called my father an odd name "nigger", Charles if you...