The Arrival

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Arrival Arrival is a poem that is written in free verse. The style of the writing is imagery and figurative expression, which describes the scene in the poem. This poem is mainly about a biologist who observes and studies the turtles. He wonders where the turtles are from and where they are going. In the end of the story, he still does not know the secrets behind these turtles. The review on this poem will include the theme, the tone, the mood, the style, the rhythm and the strength of the poem.

The tone in this poem is energetic. The author describes the character in this poem as a passionate biologist who observes and studies the turtles. In the paragraph, it states, ¡§night turns to early morning he drowses over a cup of cold coffee in the lab.¡¨ Therefore, it can be proved that he does the observation on the turtles because he is enthusiastic in studying them and his attitude is positive towards them.

In the poem, ¡§where do they come from¡¨ and ¡§where do they go¡¨ has been asked several times. He is eager to know the secrets behind the turtles and wants to explore the arrival of the turtles. Just as he wants to know the secrets behind the turtles, he fell in sleep on his desk, and missed the beautiful scene he waits to see.

The mood of this poem is very melancholic. In the third paragraph of the poem, it states, ¡§he waits for arribada, the arrival of the turtles, for the tears to stream from dark, mournful eyes.¡¨ Therefore, the character has the depressing mood because the turtles coming a long way to lay their eggs touch him. In the first paragraph, it said...